Online Voting Management System

The online Voting App is a specialized platform designed to facilitate online elections via a web application. It allows all current association members to vote after validating their identity through a mobile verification code. Members can cast their votes for candidates representing their respective zones, regions, and circles. Additionally, the app ensures swift election result display, typically within 5 minutes of the voting period's conclusion.

Demonstration of Online Voting System


Member data updating:

In this procedure, the association releases a circular requesting members to update their mobile numbers, confirming whether they are operational. If any member changes their mobile number, they can request an update to ensure their information is current.

Data uploading of voting members:

In this process, we upload all voter members' data, including their Circle, Module, Region, and Branch, into our admin portal for candidate mapping purposes.

Candidate data uploading:

In this process, we upload all election candidates into our portal along with their photographs and respective posts.

Data validation:

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Share url to All Members:

In this process, the association distributes the online voting URL to all voting members. Through this URL, members can cast their votes electronically.

Mock Voting:

Before the actual election, we conduct a mock voting session to validate and test the voting software. This process helps us identify and address any bugs or issues that may arise before the real voting takes place.

In admin system we have keep 2 Mode:
  • Election Live Mode
  • Election Close Mode
In Election Live Mode:

all members can login with their registered mobile no through OTP and cast vote for desired candidates. In this mode all Election result display mode hidden, if any members casted vote once, then in live mode they cannot login again for vote.

In Election Close Mode:

During this period, all registered members are unable to log in to the election portal, as it displays a message indicating that the election time has concluded. Meanwhile, in the admin section, the option to display results is enabled. Admins can access this section to view the number of votes received for each post and cross-reference them with the corresponding candidates.

Excel Export Result:

The admin has the capability to export the election results in Excel format. The exported file includes details such as candidate name, post name, circle, module, region, and the number of votes received for each candidate.

Benefits of Online Voting System


Members can participate in the election from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need to physically travel to a polling station.


By conducting the election online, the time and effort required for manual vote counting and result tabulation are significantly reduced.


The use of mobile verification codes ensures that only validated members can vote, minimizing the risk of fraudulent or duplicate voting.

Swift Result Display:

With the capability to display election results within 5 minutes of the voting period's conclusion, members receive timely updates on the outcome.

Data Integrity:

The system ensures the integrity of member data by allowing updates to mobile numbers and validating member information before voting.

Efficient Candidate Mapping:

Uploading voter member data and candidate information into the system facilitates accurate candidate mapping, ensuring members can vote for candidates representing their respective zones, regions, and circles.

User-friendly Interface:

The app provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for members to cast their votes and for admins to manage the election process.

Secure Voting:

Robust security measures are in place to protect member data and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the voting process.

Exportable Results:

Admins can export election results in Excel format, allowing for further analysis and reporting if needed.

Drawback of Online Voting System

A primary limitation of the online voting system is that if an associate member's mobile number is not operational or not update in system, they are unable to participate in the voting process.

Additionally, if the internet connection is unavailable, members cannot cast their votes.

Why Secure Online Voting


Online voting systems typically employ robust authentication mechanisms, such as mobile verification codes, to ensure that only validated members can participate in the voting process. This helps prevent unauthorized access and minimizes the risk of fraudulent voting.


Secure encryption protocols are used to protect the transmission of voter data over the internet. This ensures that votes remain confidential and cannot be tampered with during transmission.

Multi-layered Security:

Online voting systems incorporate multiple layers of security, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates, to safeguard against cyber threats and attacks.

Continuous Monitoring:

Administrators continuously monitor the online voting system during the election period to detect and respond to any security incidents or irregularities promptly.

Backup and Recovery:

Robust backup and recovery mechanisms are in place to protect against data loss or system failures. This ensures that voting data remains intact and accessible even in the event of unexpected disruptions.